The main factor for the emergence of the financial crisis, monetary policy is the biggest central banks in the world for a long period after 2000 is aimed at maintaining low interest rates. In the United States interest rates at the Federal Reserve fell to 1% in the Eurozone and to 2%. Money supply exceeds the demand for money, which led to price increases. Moreover – the prices of some assets rose significantly, formed the so-called. balloons.
Entrepreneurs received the wrong signals as a result of higher prices in certain sectors resulting from the additional liquidity into the economy.
The capitalist economy is unable to exist without flawlessly funktsionirashta banking system today entered into one of the worst financial crises in history. The crash was the result of a combination of unbridled lust for bank managers and owners to profit and infantile faith of politicians in the self-regulating forces of the market economy.
Until now the United States, where the crash started, nearly went bankrupt 20 banks, and a number of financial and insurance institutions insolvent, were absorbed by competitors or nationalized, in order to ensure lending to the economy and with it the survival of the economic system . According to the IMF in the US, the bastion of market fundamentalism, until now irrevocably destroyed huge funds in the amount of more than 1.4 trillion dollars.